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Adams, William Stanley (St. John's)

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[Deputy District Grand Master, Hong Kong and South China, E.C. (1882)]

temp. notes:
The Forefather of Drs. Anderson & Partners.

Name variations: William Stanley Stanley-Adams [1]. b.1842, Hamilton, South Lanarkshire - d. January 10, 1898, Brentford, Middlesex. MD, CM (Glas.) April 15, 1862. Hong Kong nlt.1864. RS, Seamen's Hospital 1864-73. Hong Kong Government, Health Officer of the Port (vice James Orr Henderson, resigned) April 21, 1868; Medical Inspector of Emigrants April 21, 1868. Registered to practice Hong Kong May 3, 1884 through 1892. Private practitioner 1887-92; founder, Drs. Adams and Jordan 1885 [or 1887], address: Pedder Street 1887-89; the practice would evolve into Drs. Anderson & Partners. Hon. Assistant Surgeon, HKVDC July 23, 1864. Trustee, St. John's Cathedral May 4, 1885 and May 3, 1886. JP (unofficial) February 21, 1885. Residence: Forest Lodge, #11 Caine Road 1884. Retired, Edmonton, Middlesex 1892. General Council, Glasgow Univ.[n.d.].

s/o John Adams,
m. Sussy Blanche Mary Hugo [2].

[Adams was one of the first nine doctors who registered as medical practitioners in Hong Kong immediately following the enactment of the "Medical Registration Ordinance, 1884" that required all doctors to be licensed before they could treat patients for monetary reward. The nine were: William Stanley Adams, Philip Bernard Chenery Ayres, Johann Gerhard Heinrich Gerlach, Antonio Simplieio Gomes, William M. Hartigan, John H. Lockhead, Patrick Manson, James Stockwell, and Richard Young.]

[Adams was said to have held the position of Colonial Surgeon, but I found no other references to confirm this. The only thing I could find that linked him to the top medical office in Hong Kong was that he lived next door to Philip Bernard Chenery Ayres, Hong Kong's last Colonial Surgeon (1873-1897, the position was renamed Principal Civil Medical Officer following Ayres' retirement). Ayres lived in a house called Dinder, #13 Caine Road.]

[1] Adams had his named changed to William Stanley Stanley-Adams while sojourning in Hong Kong, for unknown reason(s).

[2] Adams married Susan (Sussy) Blanche Mary Hugo (b. April 11, 1848, Jersey, Channel Islands - d. Jan 28, 1940, Heston, Middlesex) at St. John's Cathedral in Hong Kong in 1867. Hugo was the daughter of Harper Richard Hugo and Blanche Leggatt. Adams and Hugo had eight children: Hilda Agneta Bertha Stanley-Adams, Blanche J. Adams, Maude Beatrice Stanley-Adams, Stanley Hugo Stanley-Adams, Mabel Gertrude Adams, Percy Hugo Adams, Ethel Constance Adams, and Herbert Hugo St. Leger Stanley-Adams. They were all born in Hong Kong where the family lived in a house named Forest Lodge at #11 Caine Road. Julia Hugo, Susan's sister, lived with the family in 1885. Her husband, William Kaye, worked for the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China in Hong Kong and the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation in London.

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