Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Chan Tai-kwong 陳大光

Updated December 23, 2014

temp. notes:

Chan Tai-kwong 陳大光 - b.1827-d.1882; a protégé of the first Bishop of Victoria, George Smith; trained to be an evangelist (1850); while placed under probation before being ordained as a priest, licensed by the Bishop to peach to prisoners in the Victoria Goal; appointed assistant tutor in the St. Paul’s College where the Bishop served as the warden, despite the fact that Chan was deficient in both Chinese and English languages; quitted working for the church and took a job as a government interpreter (1856); became an Opium Farmer, a term used at the time to refer to the holder of the Opium Monopoly of the right to prepare and sell opium (1858); implicated in the corruption investigation of Acting Colonial Secretary William Thomas Bridges; caught in financial problems and disappeared from Hong Kong (1858); reappeared in 1867 and took over from Ng Choy 伍才as the Chinese Clerk and Shroff to the Court of Summary Jurisdiction, a position he held until his death in 1882; member, General Committee of the Tung Wah Hospital; Chan Tai-Kwong would very likely be the first Hong Kong Chinese to be initiated a Freemason

Selected bibliography: Hong Kong's First [online].


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