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Bottenheim, Arthur Harold (Perseverance)

Updated December 21, 2014

[Worshipful Master, Perseverance Lodge 1165 (1903)]
Bottenheim was born in 1865 to Bernard Bottenheim [tbv]. He was employed by Vacuum Oil Company between 1897 and 1915, as representative, and later manager and later general manager in Hong Kong. He owned a house in Shanghai in 1903 at the address of #133 Bubbling Street. Bottenheirm married Elizabeth Frank Hatchkiss [tbv] in Japan in 1892. The couple had two daughters: Ella Bottenhem and Gwendoloyn Hallam Bottenheim[1]. Bottenheim's sister, Rosalie Bottenheim, who lived with the Bottenheims in Hong Kong, died on November 1902 and was buried at the Hong Kong Cemetery.

[1] Gwendoloyn Hallam Bottenheim married the Italian Consul-General in Shanghai, Lionel Scelsi, in May 1915. The wedding took place at the Italian Consulate in Shanghai. She was readmitted her British citizenship in September 1924; she had probably acquired Italian nationality because of the marriage. She officially renounced her surname of Bottenheim and adopted her middle name Hallam as her new surname on October 17, 1924. Her address then was at #18 and 20, Montague Street, Russell Square, London.

[A Philip Bottenheim, who was an agent for Vacuum Oil and whose address was at Westwood, Roseville Street, St. Heliers, Jersey, official renounced his surname of Bottenheim and adopted the new surname of Brandon on July 3, 1917. It'd be too much of a coincidence if Philip and Arthur were not related. Also, why were they so keen to rid of their Jewish names?]

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