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Brewitt, August Heinrich Wilhelm Paul (Perseverance)

Updated December 21, 2014

[Worshipful Master, Perseverance Lodge 1165 (1891)]
Brewitt was born in Germany on July 9, 1856. He came to Hong Kong in 1877 to join the German-owned mercantile firm, Siemssen & Co. He was listed in 1879 as a clerk employed by another German firm Carlowitz & Co., his main activities were to sell alcoholic beverages to drinking establishments. He established himself as an auctioneer between 1896 and 1900. #2 Zetland Street was listed as his address in 1900. He afterward joined the firm Dartly & Co. and remained with them until his death. He was the Secretary of the Club Germania for several years leading up to 1904 and was one of the keen promoters for the establishment of the Club. Brewitt was married to Winnifred Dominica [maiden name unknown]. He died in Hong Kong on June 15, 1905 at the Government Civil Hospital and was buried at the Hong Kong Cemetery.

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