Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Cleverly, Charles Siant George 基化厘

Updated December 24, 2014

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Charles Siant George Cleverly 基化厘, architect, civil servant, was listed as a resident of Hong Kong from 1842 to 1865. He was the acting Assistant Surveyor General of Hong Kong in 1846.  He was the Surveyor General 量地官 between 1847 and 1865. He was a trustee of the St. John's Church in 1850 as well a council of the Royal Asiatic Society, China Branch in the same year. Cleverly retired in 1865 due to ill health. He received his first pension payment of £416 from the Hong Kong Government on April 28, 1865. Cleverly was responsible for the designs of the following landmark buildings: Government House (1854), Old Stanley Police Station (1859), St. John's Cathedral (1849), and Zetland Hall (1853).

Selected bibliography: Hong Kong's First [online].


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