Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Crapnell, Albert Edward (Zetland)

Updated December 24, 2014

[Junior Deacon (1904); Senior Deacon (1905); Worshipful Master (1908), Zetland Lodge 525]
Crapnell was employed by Land Crawford & Co. as a book-keeper from 1906 and in the same capacity by the stocks brokerage firm, Moxon & Taylor, from 1912 to 1917 (and probably to a later year). A Camellia found by Crapnell's good friend and fellow botanist, W.J. Tutcher, also of Zetland 525, from Mount Parker 柏架山 in April 1903 was named Camellia Crapnelliana 紅皮糙果茶 (or 克氏茶) in Crapnell's honor. Crapnell was a member of the Wigwam Tennis Club; he won a club trophy (a silver goblet in Chinese design) in 1908. #161, The Peak was listed as Crapnell's address in 1919. Crapnell was married with at least one child.

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