Friday, December 26, 2014

Eccleshall, Sidney (Naval & Military)

Updated December 27, 2014

[Worshipful Master, Naval and Military Lodge 848 (1920, 1922). Deputy District Grand Master; Honorary Junior Grand Deacon, Hong Kong and South China EC (1939)]
Eccleshall He was a Sanitary Inspector first appointed probably in 1932. He was authorized to perform vaccination by the Hong Kong Government on December 20, 1940. He was enlisted in the Hong Kong Defense Reserve on January 25, 1940 under Key-Posts Group, and was reassigned to Combatant Group on July 10, 1940. He was interned at the Stanley Camp during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong. He, together with A. Tarbuck, R. Cunningham, W.H. Bailey, J.N. Fitzgerald, and several others were the only Freemasons allowed to hold meetings inside an internment camp in Hong Kong. He was a member of the [British] Royal Sanitary Institute. Eccleshall died in 1948.

[There was a Sidney Eccleshall who was with the British Royal Army Medical Corps (service #7194) and served in World War One. I wonder if they were related.]

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