Sunday, March 22, 2015

Purcell, W.H. (Zetland)

Updated March 23, 2015

[Junior Deacon (1901); Junior Warden (1904); Senior Warden (1905), Zetland Lodge 525]

Purcell was a noted publisher who owned properties in Hong Kong, Yokohama and Calcutta. He was listed as a shareholder of HSBC in 1914. Purcell was a fast runner; he ran 120 yards in 12 seconds[1] at an athletic meeting held in Hong Kong in April 1893. [Ran at the same meeting was David Landale, who would later become Taipan of Jardine, Matheson & Co. He finished 100 yards in 10 seconds.]

[1] Their records convert to 10.936 seconds / 100 meters. The world record for 100 meters sprint in 1893 was set by Belgium Etienne De Re at 10.8. Could Purcell and Landale be that fast?
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