Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Vanstone, James (Perseverance, St. John's, United Service, Victoria, Zetland, Grand Lodges Hong Kong and South China, EC &SC)

Updated March 24, 2015

[Junior Warden, St. John's Lodge 618 (1883). District Grand Tyler, Hong Kong and South China, E.C. and S.C.; acted as Tyler in the following lodges: Perseverance Lodge 1165 (1904), St. John's Lodge 618 (1906, 1909), United Service Lodge 1341 (1905, 1906), Victoria Lodge 1026 (1903, 1904), Zetland Lodge 525 (1904, 1905, 1908)]

Vanstone was born in 1847. He came to Hong Kong in 1874. He was verger of St. John's Cathedral between 1904 and 1921. Vanstone was married to Rosina [s.n.]. The marriage bore two daughters, one of them was Lizzie Belle Vanstone who married David MacEwan Mills at St. John's Cathedral on September 27, 1909. He also had a son by his first wife, his son was employed as an engineer in British North Borneo. Vanstone died in Hong Kong on January 2, 1921 and was buried at the Hong Kong Cemetery.

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